50 Ways to Use Your Stasher

50 Ways to Use Your Stasher

We adore a good multitasker and there is perhaps no more versatile product around than Stasher bags! Our fab new (and sustainable!) friends at Stasher shared their list of 50 different ways to use their products so we just had to share with our best pals. Read up then come in and grab what's sure to be one of the most useful and eco friendly products you can't imagine having lived without... 

50 Ways to Use Your Stasher Bags

For the Eats

  1. Keep food fresh in the refrigerator - cut avocados, herbs, tortillas… donuts :)
  2. Store leftovers from a home-cooked meal.
  3. Make stasher a to-go container if you take food home from a restaurant.
  4. Bring a few to the farmer’s market to fill up with greens, berries, or any loose items that need a bag.
  5. Fill up in the bulk section of your grocery store, just make sure to weigh it first to get the tare. I have mine memorized I used them so much :) Snack: 56g, Sandwich: 70g. 
  6. Pack a zero waste lunch or snacks for a road-trip, beach day or the zoo.
  7. Portion out “smoothie packs” for the freezer— add all the fruits/veggies and then dump into the blender with some liquid and blend!
  8. Steam vegetables in the microwave or boiling water.
  9. Marinate a juicy cut of meat or fish.
  10. Stash and mash zesty guacamole.
  11. Make your own ice cream.
  12. Steam and smush nutritious produce for healthy homemade baby food.
  13. Make the perfect steak with the sous vide cooking method.
  14. Quick-pickle some veggies or make homemade sauerkraut.
  15. Keep veggie scraps or bones in the freezer for a future broth.
  16. Portion out batch meals in the freezer, like chill or soup. Store your full stashers horizontally to save space. Pro tip: Write the date on the bag with a ball-point pen or dry erase marker-- it wipes off with a damp cloth!
  17. Pop popcorn in the microwave.
  18. Make an omelet or scrambled eggs.
  19. Revive stale bread in the oven.
  20. Make chocolate bark! Melt some chocolate in your stasher in the microwave, then add nuts, seeds, adaptogens, berries, and then freeze flat.
  21. Take matcha and other adaptogens for a beverage on the go.
  22. Bring healthy snacks or candy to the movies.
  23. Replace your salad jars with salad bags.
  24. Keep your loose leaf tea fresh.
  25. Freeze cookies, muffins and pancakes to eat individually when you want them.
  26. Freeze leftover nut milk, yogurt, smoothies, or herbs in olive oil in ice cube trays, and then store them in your Stasher for easy add ins while cooking or blending!
  27. Infuse tea, liquor and other beverages.

    For Adventure

  28. Store all your zero-waste items in like your reusable straw, utensils and produce bags in your stasher and pop it in your tote so you’re always prepared to refuse single-use plastics!

  29. Pack your liquids and toiletries to bring on a flight - TSA approved!

  30. Keep your travel essentials all in one place for the airport, like your passport, boarding pass, earbuds, visas, customs cards.
  31. Protect your electronics (phone, headphones, camera) while at the beach.
  32. Keep your car keys safe while kayaking or boating on a beautiful summer day.
  33. Fill it with ice and use it as a cooler pack.
  34. Store your compost on the go and then throw it in your compost pail when you get home (like banana peels and cherry pits).
  35. Fill with first aid supplies to have on hand at any given time.
  36. Organize your makeup to bring with you in your backpack or suitcase.
  37. Protect your essential oils while on the go (super helpful in case they spill!).
  38. Bring your vitamins, prescriptions, or supplements on a trip— you can bring the bottles in a half-gallon stasher bag, or just bring the pills you need (if you can identify them!) in a snack size.
  39. Bring your epsom salts with you on vacation for the ultimate spa bath without having to bring the whole bag from home.
  40. Keep your wet swimsuit separated from dry clothes in your travel bag.
  41. Contain the heat from your hair straightener or curling iron if you have to pack it in your bag while it’s still hot.

    For Home Life

  42. Use as a heating pad! Fill it with rice and stick it in the oven or microwave. Great for cramps or after the gym.
  43. Fill with ice and use as an ice pack for injuries.
  44. Store DIY reusable baby wipes.
  45. Keep quarters and detergent pods handy for a trip to the laundromat.
  46. Organize art supplies - keep clay or paint from drying out, corral small tools, markers, brushes, pencils and erasers.
  47. Store your kids’ legos and other small toys.
  48. Collect cards - flash cards, business cards, golf score cards, etc.
  49. Contain beads for making jewelry.
  50. Mix and store DIY body scrub.
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