From Melani...

From Melani...

Dearest Friends of The Find,
My heart is breaking as I read various social media posts from other small business
owners. We all work so hard and pour our hearts and souls into businesses - it's who we are.

When I woke up at 3am thinking about this, I wanted to take a tone that wasn’t begging
or pleading for business. I wanted to be positive and proactive. I wanted to point out
the things we can do that we’ve always done, or have been able to offer. We've always concentrated on our in-store experience and offerings, creating a great vibe and team of people you simply must walk through the doors to enjoy. 

Then the realities of yesterday, ironically Friday the 13th, have come raining down on us
all. I have to admit I’m worried. Downtown Fort Wayne and also sweet Roanoke,
where I just spent time visiting old friends and their amazing businesses, has
worked so hard to be THE place to be. I mean, what can’t you do or find in our little
corner of the world? But what happens if we can’t BE in these places? How do we support each other? How do our businesses provide needed services and stay in business?

Here is my list of suggestions, tips, ideas. I'm sure this will be fluid. And I welcome
your ideas as well! Tell us how we can better serve you. For The Find, in good times and uncertain times, we are available to do the following:

1. Shop our web site, We continue to add new items and will increase availability of new arrivals and tried and true favorites. Now, shipping is free.
2. Let us gift wrap, write your card, and ship to loved ones—because birthdays, baby
showers, “I’m thinking of you” gifts will go on, and we want to help you
3. If you see something on our Instagram or Facebook that you want to know more
about, give us a call at 260-203-3498. Or send us a message either via the social
media outlets or to Leah at We can get back to you
with details like price and availability.
4. Curbside pick up. We have a loading zone right in front of our store. If not occupied, slide yourself in there, flip on your blinkers and call us. We will run right out with your items. Free parking and fast service! This space is used by other delivery services to all the businesses on the street, so please be mindful of that and back yourselves all the way up to right in front of our store to leave room for others.  
5. E-mail Leah and set up a private, remote shopping experience via FaceTime.
She can virtually walk with you around the store to see what’s new and make
6. Gift cards. Buy them - and buy them from all the local small businesses and
restaurants you love and want to help support.
7. Set up a “private,” after hours shopping time with Leah. Come by
yourself or with one or two friends. Yes there will be hand sanitizer.
8. Lastly, be kind -- to yourself, to others. We look forward to our future handshakes and hugs.

As long as we are able to be open regular business hours we will be. Our sweet
Leah is pregnant and we want to take extra good care of her and Baby Koehlinger.
We will have hand sanitizer available as you enter the store and also at check out.
We wipe down the point of sale each time someone uses it. You might see
employees wearing gloves. We prefer not to accept cash if possible, but are still
happy to if that is what you prefer. We want to stay healthy for each other, for our
families and for you.

We are considering other changes, services, store hours, etc. Please stay tuned and check the web site for any changes in our operating hours.

We cherish our customers and look forward to brighter days,

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