Happiness in a Bottle

Happiness in a Bottle

We are wholehearted believers that every element of life, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, can be made better by thoughtful details and clean ingredients. This translates into, among other things, simple home and body care products that are effective, healthy and lusciously scented. 


Saint Olio's well edited line of home cleaners, air and linen refreshers, as well as body refreshers, are available in three lovely scents, No. 1 Citron, No. 2 Neroli and No. 3 Sitka - and all are amazing thanks to beautiful blends of natural essential oils. 

Saint Olio has been a best selling addition to our apothecary department, and for good reason. Mix and match the signature scents for an intoxicating and unique aroma or layer a single scent throughout your home, office, car and body for a breath of fresh air no matter where you may be.

Clean and refresh home, body and spirit, free of synthetic ingredients, with this gorgeously stylish range by Saint Olio.

Who knew cleaning counters could be so chic?

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