That Lovely Lake Effect

That Lovely Lake Effect

Don't worry, we aren't talking about snow (yet), rather a fantastic new line that just landed in #DTFW for all you lake lovers. Lake Effect is a brand that stylishly encourages and fosters that magical connection we all seem to have with water. Says owner and designer Katherine Gramann, the brand is about "being balanced in adventure, health, beauty, and self, all through the lens of life by the lake. It's a suggestion to "Chase More Sunsets" which is code for finding what inspires you and building a life that includes more of that."

"While summertime lake love is often easiest to express, loving the lake is a four-seasons adventure. We not only embrace the spring blossoms, fall hikes, windburned cheeks, cozy, bundled, fireside nights, and snowshoeing, skiing, and Irish-coffee-heavy-ice-fishing mornings, but in these times it's often MORE important to intentionally seek out things that make us feel alive. Which leads us to the fact that nature is our favorite healer."

In celebration of this passion for nature, Lake Effect products are designed and sourced with an emphasis on eco-awareness, doing their part to minimize negative impacts to the environment and educating consumers along the way. 

We know you already miss summer by the shore, because we do too. Come in and shop this collection of lake loving apparel and accessories, and keep those good lake vibes radiating all year long.

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