Meters with a Mission

Meters with a Mission

In the city of Fort Wayne, outdated parking meters have been transformed into interactive collection points for charitable causes, with all money directed to local non profit organizations designated by each meter's sponsor. You might see these "Meters with a Mission" around downtown, including in front of The FIND. We jumped at the chance to participate in this new program, jointly hosted by the City of Fort Wayne and Greater Fort Wayne, Inc, and we tapped our pal, artist Lyndy Bazile, to transform our designated meter into a gorgeous work of art. The coins dropped into our meter will benefit the Friends & Family Fund, and to sweeten the deal, we'll be adding a match up to $1000, plus designating special shopping days to help boost the final amount.

Lyndy's striking artistic style has made our meter a thing of beauty, but one that also projects a compelling message:

"As I painted, I meditated on the idea of how the words wealth and value have become very strongly associated with economics in our world. I let myself imagine a world where people value nature instead of money and sharing instead of hoarding. While we're collecting money to help fund those of us who have been continuously neglected on the SE side of Fort Wayne, it is ultimately the growing sense of community and unification of ALL four quadrants of our city, that will bring success."

The meter has been installed and will be waiting to take your spare change through the end of the year, so swing by and free your wallet from all those heavy coins. And if you don't find yourself in #DTFW much these days, scan our QR code here (also located on the meter and at our cash wrap) to donate digitally!

To learn more about our designated charity partner, The Friends & Family Fund for Southeast Fort Wayne, click here. And to see more of Lyndy Bazile's work, click here to follow her on Instagram.

To read more and learn about the other meters, sponsors and missions, click here. And for a handy map, here ya go!

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