Avocado Appreciation Post

Avocado Appreciation Post

Happy National Guacamole Day to all who celebrate (that's everyone, right?)! We're marking the day by sharing Team FIND member Monica Lopez's should be famous guacamole recipe. 

But first (no, we're not going to share a heartbreaking and long story about how much avocados mean to us), a quick internet search turned up two alternative monikers for everyone's favorite savory berry that we want to share: alligator pear and/or butter fruit. Interesting! And, accurate. Use this nugget of trivia with friends and family around a molcajete of Monica's guac. Ok, on to the recipe.

Monica Marie's Guac

Monica's Guacamole Recipe

- 4 avocado
- 1/2 diced onion 
- Juice of 3 limes
- 2-3 diced Roma tomatoes
- 1/3 cup fresh cilantro
- Salt, pepper, and garlic to taste

Optional and Pro Tips
- For best results, use room-temperature avocados
- Eat with tortilla chips or fresh veggies (radish slices, carrots, peppers, celery)
- For some heat, add in 1 minced Serrano pepper (jalapeño for less heat)
- Top it off with pork rinds, or how we say it in Spanish— Chicharrones

1. Cut the avocados in half, removing seed and skin—place in a large bowl. 
2. Squeeze in the lime juice, add the spices and begin to mash with a fork but just enough to where there are still chunks. 
3. Once spices are blended in, add in the tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and minced pepper, if using.
4. When all the flavors are there and you're ready to serve, top it off with pork rinds for that extra crunch and flavor. Serve and enjoy! 

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In addition to National Guacamole Day, it is also Hispanic Heritage Month and Monica will be celebrating and sharing information about Latino cultures and independent businesses/makers/artists/personalities on her personal Instagram page: @monica.marie.co --- follow along with us! 

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