Musings from Melani

Musings from Melani

Musings from my Couch, Surrounded by Dogs

It feels tone deaf to be trying to hawk spring fashion when the world is the way it currently is. When I chose these lovely items months ago, I was so excited to see the colors—green, violet, blush pink. I warmed me to think of the drab of winter turning into the first signs of spring. Seeing a woman break out a spring colored sweater or top is like seeing the first crocus come up. Sandals and bare legs can’t be far behind! So, we sit with a store full of colorful, spring goods. We’ve worked hard to try to whittle down our selections to bring you the best brands and the highest quality. We want to feature items that you will be able to wear not only in spring 2020, but also in years to come. We want your purchase to be worth it. 
The outpouring of support from the community is like breath itself. It is sustaining. But only customer’s shopping dollars will ultimately sustain us. And in this time of uncertainty, it is hard for me to think that it is wise to spend your hard-earned money on a new spring top. I’m sure you all have plenty in your wardrobes. Especially if we are all staying at home (please do, by the way) and barely getting dressed as it is. No one has an event to dress for, or a trip to buy a few new seasonal pieces for, or a night out with your girlfriends to look forward to (we do dress for each other, don’t we?). Let’s not even get into the job instability so many are facing. Other retailers, restaurant owners, manufacturers -- I urge you all to hold on to your hard earned cash. Take care of yourselves and your family. Walk outside. If it is horrible out, crank up some music and dance like a mad person (can recommend 100%). Take a bath. Throw in some essential oils. Don’t overindulge in sugar and alcohol — advice I need to take myself. Take your Vitamin D. 
Retail is not for the faint of heart, even in the best of times. And now what? At The Find we will keep it going. We will update our website constantly. We are going to paint our dressing rooms on Monday and shore up our floating shelves that have looked like they may collapse at any minute! We hope to emerge stronger and more well-rounded as a business. We hope that our online sales, social media sales, and personal service will help us to break even for these next few weeks/months.

Some items we carry that may be essentials for you and yours in this current environment:

Comfy Clothes: Alo Yoga, Spanx, new AG jeans, a Midwest T or sweatshirt.

Self Care: a box of tea, FoxSea Skin Universal Oil or Soothing Balm for your chapped hands, a lovely candle, The Lord Jones or Florymede CBD products, Daughters of the Land CBD bath salts.

Care Packages: let us help you come up with an “I’m thinking of you” care package for your far flung friends and family members. Put a smile on someone’s face. My kids all received boxes yesterday, and don’t tell them, but I’m working on the next one for Easter already (with a little help from our friend, Fancy & Staple (Shhh…)!

And by all means, if you need a new spring top—even if just to lighten your mood— you deserve it and we can help! Call our new direct-to-Leah HOTLINE: 260.255.5608.
-- Melani
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