Take Great Care

Take Great Care

Chan Luu, one of our favorite vendors, recently offered up expert advice on jewelry care, so naturally we wanted to share that knowledge with our fab customers. Taking care of jewelry, no matter the price point, is the best way to extend the life out of each piece, getting the most out of your style investments. 

From Chan Luu's blog:

While we feel that the best way to care for jewelry is simply to wear it, a few easy steps can help extend the life of your favorite pieces.

Sterling silver benefits from usual wear—the oils on your skin help protect it from tarnishing. If your sterling silver is looking a little dull, a silver polishing cloth can quickly restore its shine.

Solid gold jewelry should be polished with a special polishing cloth. For gold plated jewelry, gently clean it with a cotton ball or very soft cloth to remove dust and dirt. If your jewelry requires more extensive cleaning you can use warm water and mild soap. Dry thoroughly with a cloth. Always remove gold plated jewelry before bathing and exercising, and avoid applying creams/perfumes while wearing in order to maximize its lifespan.

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