Tea Time

Tea Time

We're mere days away from the latest Royal Wedding and we're so excited, but in that very polite, very British sort of way. While we wait to witness the regalia of it all, we're going to make ourselves a lovely cup of tea. 



We have a beautiful selection of teas in a variety of blends by Paper & Tea that are as tasty as they are beautiful as gift or just sitting on your kitchen counter.


Elevate your afternoon tea game with delightful mugs, brewing accessories and recipe books like Matcha: A Lifestyle Guide, which is so beautiful, it doubles an art book.



While you're shopping with us, you simply must pick up a solar Queen for your tea cart. She'll politely brighten your day with her oh so elegant wave.



Shop our Home Goods section online or browse our full selection in store.

Join us for a cuppa, won't you dear?

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