Thanks, 2020

Thanks, 2020

2020's Lessons in Gratitude

Here we are at the close of 2020. It would be easy to kick the year to the curb and move forward towards hope for the end of the pandemic and a return to “normal.”  That is actually my first instinct. But as the days get shorter and we celebrate the season with our own traditions, I want to pause and acknowledge all of the good that came from 2020.

A short, incomplete list, of the things I am grateful for regarding The FIND:

1. My amazing, hardworking, flexible employees. They adapted, turned on a dime, and came up with creative solutions. Feeling a little choked up thinking about how as a team we really pulled it all together.

2. The incredible customers who support us day in and day out. When I worry that no one will show up, you do!  When I stressed over how folks would react to mask wearing and distancing and plexiglass, our amazing customers stepped up with kindness. Your support has felt like a warm hug, even though we aren’t doing that anymore!

3. Downtown Improvement District and Greater Fort Wayne Inc. are two organizations that have reached out and provided extra attention and support these last 10 months. These partnerships have been vital to our success and their hard work has been noticed.

4. Our fantastic pop up partners. We continued to showcase some non-profits and makers/artists and the cheerfulness and hard work they put into their efforts is inspiring. If we can make this happen in the middle of a pandemic, imagine what we can do in the future!


-- Melani
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