The Future of Sustainability

The Future of Sustainability

In the current state of affairs, every turn of the calendar brings another plan that is being postponed or cancelled. The most recent for The Find was our trip to the Sustainable Fashion Forum that was to be held in Portland, Oregon this month. I cannot tell you our level of excitement as we planned to attend—Jen Fox, trusted fashionista sidekick, writer of most of The Find’s blogs, and web site organizer, was coming along to add to my fun and add an opinion. We planned to stay in the amazing Dossier Hotel, a sister hotel to Fort Wayne’s own upcoming boutique hotel. We had our VIP passes so we could come home with swag and mix and mingle with the speakers and shop what we knew would be an amazing curated boutique. Did I mention the pre-forum party? Cocktails! Food! More swag!

So, here we are. No event, but still with a drive and a passion for what sustainability means for not only fashion, but our way of life. We are a lifestyle store and our hope is to curate products that reflect our values. As life has gotten super focused on our homes and habits and we are recalibrating what is meaningful to us, it seems like the time is very ripe for us to press a reset button on our consumer habits. The Find has some goals for 2020 that we developed earlier in the year that we are still marching towards. There is no time like the present for the big reveal.

Our goal is to stock brands/goods that are sustainable in the following ways:

  1. Clean and green materials
  2. Produced in a fair and ethical environment
  3. Manufactured on demand or custom made
  4. High quality + timeless design to be used over multiple seasons and years
  5. Encourage re-use and lack of waste

Shop our Sustainable Goods category for brands that fulfill some of these goals. Do you have favorites you’d like us to bring to our corner of Indiana? Let us know! We’re always on the hunt, so check back often.

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