Worn Intentions Workshop

Worn Intentions Workshop
To kick off this fresh new year, we asked Amparo Rojas, owner of Worn Intentions, to lead Team FIND in a gemstone bracelet making workshop. 
Worn Intentions is a local company that crafts handmade jewelry, using gemstones, crystals and beads often used in meditation, and which carry special meanings. Amparo was personally inspired to start Worn Intentions while attending a yoga retreat and her mission is to help inspire peace, love and beauty through not only her creations, but also the pieces her clients make during a custom workshop, such as ours.
Our workshop started with a few nibbles and bevvies, in customized cups, courtesy of our talented Ali Frebel, followed by an introduction to Worn Intentions by Amparo. She explained the process, and led us in writing down focus words that would help guide our selection of gemstones, hardware and charms. 
Amparo laid out the gemstones, along with informative cards explaining the meaning and properties of each. We took turns making our personalized selections and had a wonderful time getting to know Amparo, while catching up with our team.
Because we all have unique goals, as well as challenges, every one of our bracelets were completely different than the next. We had a lovely time discussing why we chose certain gems or charms, and it was fun to see how each creation expressed each personality.
We were so charmed (ha, get it?) by Amparo and our experience with Worn Intentions, and we're excited to announce we'll soon be carrying her line at The FIND. We also look forward to hosting public workshops in the future. In the meantime, please follow Worn Intentions on Instagram and Facebook!

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