Djeco Silhouette Puzzle Haathee Elephant
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Djeco Silhouette Puzzle Haathee Elephant

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Haathee the Asian Elephant knows a good day when he sees one; and so when the sun rises and washes his garden with a golden glow, out he comes with all his elephant and bird friends in tow! A beautifully illustrated jigsaw puzzle that comes packaged in a silhouette box shaped like Haathee himself - a feat that will call out to all puzzle lovers young and old!

• Visual observation
• Problem solving
• Analytical and logical thinking
• Memory
• Language skills
• Patience and concentration
• Confidence and self-esteem

Constructed from heavy cardboard stock with high-quality laminated graphics. Puzzle size measures in at 42 x 30 cm when complete.

☆Play Tip: How many trees do you see? Can you name all the animals in the puzzle? Extend play value and develop language skills by spotting tiny details within the picture!