Mahnal Necklace - Hasaa Minor Pendant
Mahnal Necklace - Hasaa Minor Pendant
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Mahnal Necklace - Hasaa Minor Pendant

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This classic brass necklace features an organic shaped pendant suspended on a snake chain. Named after 'pebble' in Arabic, it is an ode to both the structured and natural world. The more delicate sister style to the Hasaa Major Necklace.

Pebbles, rocks, stones- all are representative of strength, solidarity, and permanence. The humble rock becomes powerful in the context of its ancient role as the foundation of civilization. From monolithic structures and architecture, to calendars, tools and tablets for recording history. Rocks and stones have endured and grown into a metaphors for resiliency and dependability amongst each other. To be a 'rock' for another is to be a source of stability in their time of need. As we traverse the line of time and meet challenges that knock us along the way, think of the river stone. It's imperfections actually fall away as the pressure of water cleanses its surface.

My intention with the Hasaa Minor Necklace is to serve as a reminder to not run away from challenge but welcome the opportunity for refinement and strength. You too are resilient.

  • 18” chain
  • Solid brass
  • Handcrafted artisan quality
  • Lightweight, comfortable