Saint Olio Home Cleaner No. 3 Sitka
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Saint Olio Home Cleaner No. 3 Sitka

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Spruce, Juniper + Sweet Citrus

New Mexico meets Oregon, as this forest-inspired blends awakens & invigorates. Antibacterial, deodorizing and stimulating, this fresh and woody melange brings the outdoors in to take deep cleaning to a whole new level of aromatic luxury.  Our 100% natural, all-purpose Aromatic Cleaner uses the therapeutic power of essential oils to create a healthy and potent cleaning experience with zero toxic residue.

Spritz liberally on surfaces, wipe clean, breathe deeply, enjoy. Our Aromatic Cleaners also act as amazing home fragrances!

Primary Ingredients

 anti microbial, antidepressant
Sweet orange: fungicidal, bactericidal
Juniper: deodorizing, antiseptic

16oz / 480ml