10 Fun Facts: Caroline Asplundh

10 Fun Facts: Caroline Asplundh

We gave her a few weeks to settle in first, but we can't wait any longer to digitally introduce the newest member on Team FIND! Caroline Asplundh graduated from Miami University in Ohio, where she studied Media & Culture and Interactive Media, after which she found her way to us here in #DTFW. We're looking forward to all the skills she'll be bringing to our operations, including managing our social media channels, taking on the task after the departures of Sienna and Ali (ICYMI, read more about that here). Get to know a little bit about Caroline below, then come meet her IRL!

10 Fun Facts about Caroline Asplundh:

1. She wrote her college thesis on How I Met Your Mother, one of her very favorite TV shows (more on that below). The paper focused on one of the long running jokes in the show about "waiting for it", and how many people are just waiting for their big moments in life. 
2. She's met the Jonas Brothers, Ryan Seacrest, Camilla Cabello, Jodie Sweetin, AKA Stephanie Tanner, and Jason Segal (pictured), from How I Met Your Mother.
3. Caroline is a skilled sailor and has always loved to sail her Sunfish around  Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, where she grew up.


4. She works out every day, and is a big fan of interval workouts on the elliptical and treadmill.


5. One of her forms of relaxation is designing art prints based on quotes, TV shows and city scapes in her free time. 



6. Her favorite actress, Katie Stevens, retweeted an image of Caroline's customized graduation cap, which featured a quote from The Bold Type, the television show Stevens stars in, congratulating Caroline on her graduation. 


7. She loves photography, specifically food photography. She was part of Spoon University at Miami as a photographer and marketing director, and took a course on food photography through that program. Her top two tips (say that five times fast) for photographing food are to always use natural lighting and to use clean white plates (when possible) to make the food pop. 




8. Her yellow Labrador Retriever was a Christmas gift, so she named her Dasher, after one of Santa's reindeer.



9. Caroline is a big Harry Potter Fan, and has read the books so many times, she uses them to drift off to asleep. 


10. She rewatches TV shows on the regular: How I Met Your Mother, One Tree Hill, Castle, Gilmore Girls, The Bold Type and White Collar are her most frequent.


Come downtown to say hello and help us welcome Caroline to The FIND, and to our beautiful city!

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