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A Bar Above

A Bar Above Boston Shaker - Multiple Options

A Bar Above Boston Shaker - Multiple Options

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If you’re looking for the ultimate workhorse of a cocktail shaker, this is it. This is the Boston shaker that launched A Bar Above's barware brand in 2016 and has 3,200+ reviews and a 5-star rating on Amazon. It's the perfect combination of a water-tight seal while being easy to open and perfectly weighted. Meet your next - and last - Boston shaker.

Our weighted shaker is made from high-quality, food-grade stainless steel 304. That means no weird rust spots appearing – the first or thousandth time through the dishwasher.

Circle-welded: Look closely at the bottom of the shaker. See that weld? We had our factory weld it all the way around (not just in three tiny spots like the other guys). That weight isn't going fall off, period.

Perfectly paired & cross-compatible: All of our cocktail shaker cups are compatible with each other. That means they nest perfectly when in storage and seal perfectly in service.

Seals tight, opens right: With a tight seal that opens when you're ready, you can make sure your drinks are shaken, not spilled.

Discover the best Boston shaker on the market. We've seen one of these bad boys make it past 10,000 drinks. Yours will, too!

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