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A Bar Above

A Bar Above Fine Mesh Cocktail Strainer - Multiple Options

A Bar Above Fine Mesh Cocktail Strainer - Multiple Options

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Go ahead, tap it against your shaker.

This fine mesh strainer handle is not gonna break. We created the cocktail strainer we always wished we had, with an ergonomic handle (which is TIG and MIG welded), super fine mesh, and choice of smaller or extra large bowl. You get the benefit of a quick strain and a super smooth drink with this handy dandy bar tool.

Bartenders' Choice: Designed by a professional bartender, this is the last ultra-fine mesh strainer you'll ever buy.

Ridiculously Durable: The handle of this bartender strainer is double-welded with an extra strong MIGand TIG weld, plus a wide collar for strength. Won’t break, bend, warp, or rust, even behind the busiest bar.

Ergonomic Handle: Rounded handle provides a comfortable grip while fitting easily in your hand. Easily hang your drink strainer using the cut-out in the handle for more storage options.

Versatile: The best fine mesh strainer for your cocktails & tea - or dozens of other uses around the kitchen. Also works great as a kombucha sieve or for straining soups and broths!

Oh-So-Smooth: The extra fine mesh strainer catches every last shard of ice and remnant of juice pulp.

Speed & Style: Large, 10 cm size bar strainer creates more surface area, allowing you to strain quickly, even with the fine mesh. Smaller, 8 cm size is perfect for one drink or smaller quantities of ingredients when making syrups and tinctures.

No matter which size you buy, you'll get the best cocktail strainer you could ever hope for!

Materials & Construction:

Made from durable stainless steel 304 with a polished mirror finish.


Fine Mesh Strainer:

Large: 255 mm long with mesh piece 10 cm in diameter

Small: 255 mm long with mesh piece 8 cm in diameter

Gift box:

Large: 10.4" L x 4.3" W x 3" H and weighs approximately 0.5lb.

Small:10.4" L x 4.3" W x 3" H and weighs approximately 0.5lb.

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