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Old Fort Tee Company

Old Fort Tee Co. Tee Nostalgia Collection - Multiple Options

Old Fort Tee Co. Tee Nostalgia Collection - Multiple Options

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From our Fort Wayne Nostalgia Collection! 

Atz’s Ice Cream Shoppe opened in 1922 and served its last scoop in 2014.  It was a place every Fort Wayne child ( and adult) wanted to visit!  In its heyday, Atz’s operated three shops in Fort Wayne, plus a Kendallville plant that made ice cream to serve their locations and also for distribution in grocery stores throughout northeastern Indiana and northwestern Ohio.  What was your favorite flavor?


If you’re a Hoosier, it’s likely you grew up eating Seyfert’s Potato Chips!  Charles Seyfert founded the company in 1934 and produced chips, plus other yummy snack foods.  Seyfert’s was made famous nationally in 1987 when long-time employee, Myrtle “The Potato Chip Lady” Young appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson where she showed Carson her prized collection of chips that looked like famous people, animals and other objects.  After 84 years, the last Seyfert’s chips rolled off the line in 2018.

  • Handprinted in Fort Wayne, IN
  • T-shirt Made in the USA
  • 50% polyester/ 25% cotton/ 25% rayon
  • Unisex style
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